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How To Build A Rock Solid Self Esteem - Quicker And Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible...



Introducing the Self-Esteem Blueprint anyone - and I mean anyone - can use to start building a positive self esteem today...

So easy a child could do it. (You will want to pass this on to your children!)

But so deadly effective, you'll kick yourself for not learning these Self Esteem Secrets sooner.

Everybody talks about esteem, but who really knows what it means?

Self Esteem is the Estimate - the Appraisal -
the Evaluation - of Your Fitness... Your Value...
Your Right To Exist in this World.

See, you're always evaluating your fitness to live. This evaluation goes on behind the scenes, every waking hour. You probably weren't even aware you were doing it!

But you're constantly evaluating yourself:

  • "How do I measure up?"

  • "What good am I?"

  • "Where do I stand in the world?"

If you stop and think about it, you'll realize what I'm talking about. And you may even recognize some of those statements...

Because your 'self esteem meter' is always running. You can't shut it off. Nor would you want to.

You need to know where you stand in this world!

The problem is, we often seek false esteem rather than real self esteem.

Not that it's your fault. Nobody's ever told you how to build real self esteem.

Oh sure, there's plenty of books with titles like:

"101 Ways To Increase Your Self Esteem"

These '101 ways' basically come down to:

  • Pampering yourself.

  • Asserting yourself to others.

  • Affirming or reaffirming yourself.

Which is okay, except that doesn't build self esteem. Instead, these ways - at best - are expressions of - rather than building blocks of - your self esteem.

Affirmations, pampering, asserting - they all have their place.


But first you've got to build your self esteem.

And if you don't know the building blocks of true self esteem, then you'll end up using the tools of false esteem.

Such as 'outside validation'. That's where you expect some thing or person or situation in the world to give you your self esteem.

Which never works. So you end up in a downward spiral; fighting harder and harder to get approval from the world. It creates a host of problems... too many to get into here.

My name is Mark Myhre, and I know firsthand what happens when you live every day of your life with a low self esteem. I know the downward spiral into depression it creates.

It was a lonely, painful existence where I spent so much time being a victim - feeling inadequate, not good enough, unworthy, not fit to even be a part of the human race...

I never thought I measured up, because I didn't know what kind of 'measuring stick' I was using! Once I understood how self esteem was really built, it became a simple matter to change.

And that's when my life began to soar!

(Here's what others have said about my emotional healing information since then.)

But I'm not going to waste your time talking about me.

Cause what matters: either you 'get it' -

Your self-esteem is vitally important!

Or you don't.

And I'm writing these words only for those
who want to improve their self-esteem.

Like this couple from Australia...

Hi Mark,

My wife and I learned a great deal about ourselves from listening to your self esteem secrets recording,

I would recommend it to anyone.


Chris H Victoria, Australia

Another reason why self-esteem is so important to your very existence:

Your thoughts and feelings come out of your self esteem.

Every thought you think...

Every feeling you feel...

Every one is a product of your self esteem.

Don't believe me? Every depressed person in the world is proving it every day. Why do you think low self esteem is always linked with depression?

Low self esteem equals negative thoughts and feelings. You can't have one without the other. So this becomes another downward spiral.

We can't break the habit of negative thoughts and feelings, and we don't know why.

Here's what happens:

    We need self esteem to live...
    No one ever taught us how to build it the right way...
    We're forced to build false esteem...
    We keep trying harder and harder to make it work...
    It's frustrating and exhausting because it doesn't work very well...
    We sink lower and lower as we're caught in the grip of low self esteem...
    Life becomes more and more frightening and painful...

And it's costing us dearly. Cause when you're caught in the grip of low self esteem, you can only think and feel in painful ways. Which lowers your self esteem even more. Which makes you think and feel even worse.

All because we don't know the simple formula to building a positive self esteem.

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to e-mail you and thank you for all the information [in your self esteem course]...

it truly is amazing.

...the more people that know about what is happening to them the sooner they can start to enrich their lives and start healing themselves!!

It is like finding out a magical secret and the relief is just amazing, you start to look at the world around you in a whole new way!!

I am trying to live my life for me now, I appreciate the value of each day more.

Kindest Regards,

Nicky Clarkson

The Isle of Man, Great Britian

True Self Esteem Comes
From 7 Unique Components

Only seven. And that's good news, because it's easy to learn. In fact, I've created a little diagram that explains it all.



Once you learn these seven unique components, then I've got another diagram I call...


The Blueprint To Building
Your Positive Self Esteem



The Blueprint To Building Your Positive Self Esteem takes each of the seven components and turns them into an action step. It's so easy, even a child can do it!

By the way, you first started building your self esteem when you were a child. Somewhere between the ages of five and ten you created a blueprint for building your self esteem. And you still use it today.



And I'll tell you another secret:

You learned the blueprint from your father. (Or father figure, if your real father was absent.)

Think about that for a minute.

What kind of self esteem did your father have? If it was strong, positive, healthy, real self esteem... you probably wouldn't be reading these words right now. You wouldn't have to.

(I'm not here to insult your father. I'm just telling you a few secrets about self esteem.)

If you want to know more secrets, you're in luck. I've got the fast-track short cut to building self esteem.

It's a complete Self-Esteem-Building Short Course - that tells you everything you need to know to Build a Positive Self Esteem.

And because people keep telling me they want more audio's - I've recorded everything - the complete Self-Esteem-Building Short Course, onto seven audio files.

Here's what you get:

How To Build Your Self Esteem Quickly

Vol. 1 Elusive Esteem

How your esteem compares to your value as a human. The difference between esteem and worth. Why you feel unworthy.

Why esteem is so elusive. Why you have negative thoughts and painful feelings, and how to change them.


Vol. 2 Esteem Explained

Esteem is a need, not a preference. The difference between needs and preferences. Why you need self esteem to live.

How self esteem gives you the right to exist.

A detailed explanation of what self esteem is, and how you create it.


Vol. 3 Review

I recorded this short audio as a review - or an overview - of the critically-important points we've covered up till now. Click the play button below to listen.


Vol. 4 Esteem Components

Here are the seven components of your self esteem. Whether you know it or not, you are using these 7 components every day to 'size yourself up'.

You can never escape your self esteem; it's intertwined in everything about you.


Vol. 5 False Esteem

You are always seeking self esteem. Either real esteem, as explained in these audio's... or false esteem, as most people do. Here's the four main ways we seek false esteem.

Why we seek false esteem... and why it's so dangerous to our well-being.


Vol. 6 Building Esteem

How to heal the relationship you had (and have!) with your father, and why it's so important to building real esteem.

Next, how to rebuild the foundation of your self esteem.

Also, how to heal the false esteem.


Vol. 7 Esteem Blueprint

Detailed explanation of the seven simple steps you follow to start creating a powerful self esteem that supports you in living a better life.

How to work with your new blueprint for building positive self esteem.

It's not hard to build self esteem, once you know how.

Hi Mark,

Greetings from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

Thanks very much for creating your Self-esteem Secrets audio series which I enjoyed very much yesterday!

I can still feel your statements impacting my life and transforming it.

Kind regards, Martina

Who Should Order My Self Esteem Course?
YOU! If...

    You feel like your life is out of control.
    You put yourself down, or notice other people putting you down!
    You ever feel 'not good enough' or unworthy or if you ever question your RIGHT to exist in this world.
    You're scared of what the day may bring.
    You find yourself being envious of others.
    You know you could be more powerful.

    You feel hopeless and helpless.

    You want an EASY step-by-step process that you or your children or other loved ones can follow... as a WAY OF LIFE... so you never have to wonder -

Am I doing the best I can?

Am I being the best I can?

Just imagine what would've happened if someone had handed you this program when you were ten years old. How different your life would be!

Well guess what? You're not getting any younger. And it's never too late to start.

Remember, you're already evaluating your life every single day. And you will continue to evaluate your life every day you live.

So why not do it the right way?



Order my program right now and you'll never again wonder what it takes to build a positive self esteem. And the steps are so easy, I encourage you to provide this information to any children you may have. At the very least, print out the blueprint and keep it handy - make it available to those you love. You may even wish to go to a copy shop and have the page laminated in plastic.

It may be the smartest thing you've ever done...

Certainly it's the greatest gift you could give to a child.

But don't let that fool you. Even though the blueprint is simple and easy to follow - it's deceptively powerful. And it works! You'll prove it to yourself the very first day; just by how much better you feel.

Hello Mark,

Your self esteem secrets process is very powerful! But i am also amazed at the simplicity and the uniqueness of the process itself.

If there is one powerful but equally simple way to improve your esteem, this is it!

My integrity has improved since doing this process and i act with a more loving integrity from my heart. Thanks for... such a powerful process.


Vikram S. from India

And you can start working on it today.

wow, mark!

I'm grateful for the self-esteem e-course. It opened doors for light to come in. In a matter of hours, I began to feel little changes in how I looked at myself...

I DESERVE to improve my self-esteem...!

Thank you, Mark, for sharing something so practical -- a foundation to build upon instead of warm-fuzzies that quickly fade.


I've gathered every ingredient you need to build a positive self esteem - now and forever more - and I've simplified the entire process down to just 7 steps. And it's available as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD right now. You can listen to the audio's right over your computer speakers. No special equipment needed.

This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. It is not a physical product. (Although if enough people ask me, I will record it onto CD's and ship it out. We'll see.)

But for now, you can download the complete program - 7 audio files and two diagrams - onto your computer.

Or, you can listen to the audios in the member's only section of the website. No special equipment needed. If you can listen to any other sounds over your computer, then you should be able to listen to these audios just fine.

Either way, you'll want to print out the diagrams. Or, if you don't have a printer... they're simple enough you could write them onto a blank piece of paper.

This isn't hard or complicated.



This Product No Longer Available For Sale

But you can still access a copy on the People Healer Membership Site.

And once you do...

You'll feel more alive. And with the greater aliveness comes more love, more trust, more safety and more enthusiasm.

Become a better person, a better parent, a better partner and a better friend.

Learn a valuable skill you can teach others and use yourself for the rest of your life.

Expand your horizons. Start living up to your potential. Once you start following these simple steps you will want to seek out new challenges... new adventures.

Inspire others. People naturally feel an attraction to those who possess a strong self esteem. Friends and loved ones - everyone who knows you - will want to know your secret.

Apply these tools to any area of your life. You'll achieve greater success when a low self esteem no longer holds you back.

Live with confidence. There's no greater feeling than being filled with a positive self esteem. You just plain feel good about yourself. You'll once again find pleasure in the simple things in life.

Experience inner peace. Feel calmer. End the worry of not knowing what to do. You'll find the 'inner knowingness' that keeps you balanced and centered.

Your life will change dramatically once you begin to read and follow the proven techniques found in "Self Esteem Secrets".




The Quickest Easiest Way I Know
To Build A Positive Self Esteem

Everything you need to know to build a positive self esteem is recorded onto one easy-to-use program. It's like a fill-in-the-blank solution. Go to the membership site and here's what you'll get:

Complete and thorough explanation of self esteem and why it's so essential for life. How self esteem fits in with your self worth and your personal value. How we first started working with self esteem. All the ways we currently seek false esteem, and why they're so dangerous. And much, much more.

Finally, you'll learn and follow the simple formula guaranteed to start building a real, true, positive self esteem once and for all.

You will have the relief you seek. You'll no longer wonder what in the world you have to do to feel better about yourself.

I've packaged the entire self esteem program into seven audio files called - "Self Esteem Secrets". With these audio files you have instant access to all the life-changing information. There are no printing costs or shipping delays. Just minutes from now you can begin putting the secret system to work for you.

These audios are available as mp3 files; the diagrams are available as pdf files... for INSTANT DOWNLOAD - this is NOT a physical product.

The pdf files will download in a few seconds. The mp3 files will download in a few minutes if you have a high-speed Internet connection. If you have a dial-up Internet connection, then it will take approximately 30 minutes.

Note: Almost every single computer can play mp3 files. If you have speakers hooked up to your computer, then you should be able to listen to the audios just fine. However, if you wish, you can also download them and record them onto blank CD's and play them in your mp3 player, if you have one. But it's not necessary.

These audios will play just fine over your computer speakers.



Nothing Compares To The Relief You'll Feel Once You've Started To Build A Positive Self Esteem

I've recorded every single step you need to take to experience the empowerment and aliveness and piece of mind that comes from building a positive self esteem. You won't find this priceless information - the flowcharts and the audio files - packaged together anywhere else.

I lay it all out. You don't need to spend years searching for the exact steps of how to do it. Everything you need to know about self esteem is right here. I've reduced everything you need to know to a few audio files and a couple of flowchart diagrams.

To find out if this is right for you, click here. It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 am.


This Product No Longer Available For Individual Sale

Mark Ivar Myhre
The Emotional Healing Coach

Ps. - Do you really expect things to get better if you don't act now? Remember, the more you keep using the ways of false esteem, the worse off you'll be.

I'm very proud of how I'm helping people build their self esteem. But the only way you'll know how much it'll help you is to give it a try. I spell out everything you must do. Step by step. You can listen to the audio files right over your computer speakers. NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT NEEDED.

If you're still wondering if this is right for you, then ask yourself the following questions:

    How much do I value myself right now?
    How do I feel most of the time?
    Do I put myself down? Do others put me down?
    Can I honestly say I'm kind and loving to myself?

    What kind of thoughts and feelings do I have?

    Do I already know how to build my self esteem? Am I doing it??

    What's the worse that can happen if I order Mark's program?

    What have I got to lose? If it doesn't work, I'll just get my money back!

    But how would my life change if it DID work?!

At the low membership price, how can you afford not to check this out?

To find out if this is right for you, click here.

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